Continental bullet train

How would heavily populated areas benefit from a inter-connected train system?

A friend and I where having a delightful conversation about the continental railroad system. It got me thinking about the train system that the east coast has, you don’t need a car if you live near Boston or even New York. You just hop on the train to wherever you need to go. Since the east coast is a little more , well I don’t want to say evolved though they have benefited from a earlier start of the United States creation. This gave them the awesome inter-connected train system that allows a person to live outside of Boston and commute to on the train in just a few hours. When the United States expanded west not much of that technology was brought over instead the combustion engine was invented allowing for automobiles to dominate much of the region, and yes having cars of the sort is good to get around but let’s fast forward to today were city’s are over crowded and it’s increasingly getting hard to pay for gas or even to keep up with car payments for that matter. My question is why can’t we build a upgraded version of the continental railroad system for our modern times that not only inter-connects city’s all over the United States but allows people to live in the nice cheap suburbs outside of city’s but allows this same people to travel into those city’s for work. Not only give them a better way to travel into the city this new train system would shave the travel time from a few hours into under a hour or even two depending on the distance needed to travel.
The benefits of this new train system would be felt immediately, again has prices are high and so are cars them selfs from the payments to keeping the car healthy. People would not need to worry about any of this thus less stress on the person. This would also would free up the roads once traveled which would lift stress on those roads as well as the city it’s self, less crashes, less angry drivers and less pollution (even though that won’t do to much).
A train system of this kind would also give a better state of living for those people, home prices and even apartments are going up specially in the downtown areas. If this train system comes online people could find cheaper places to live outside these areas. This would allow them to save money which in turn can be injected back in the economy because the person had enough to spend and they would want to. Not sure how much this would help our economy but over time it may prove somewhat beneficial.

Mostly what is being said here is if a train system like that of the east coast was built for those heavily populated areas would prove worthy in improving the quality of those areas and the people who live in said areas.

The fantastic result of my boredom and creative mind. #art #sculpture #spoon #food

Grabbed The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia book as a early birthday present for my self. have been a big Zelda fan since Ocarina of time came out in the N64. it is one of the first video games I played.
This book is just beautiful, I spent hours just looking at the artwork from all the games including concept artwork that never made it into the games.
I highly recommend this book to any fan, a must get.

Fall is here

Who wants to make a pile of leafs and jump in theme

Crinkle cut leafs

Beauty after a storm #sky #clouds

Mr. Prey Mantis

Mr. Prey Mantis waves good hello #creaturefeature